Thursday, 30 April 2015

2. Health and Fitness!

Well, my blog post today is slightly rushed. I have another blog post that I was going to upload today but then my camera died, so I can't take the pictures for it :( it will probably go up next week, so keep waiting for that one!

Today, I thought I would talk about fitness and health.
I have quite a small figure naturally but I still like to feel like I am healthy and fit, and to do this I recommend drinking water! I know this may sound a bit stupid but I promise you if you start drinking more water you will look and feel a lot healthier almost instantly.
My next tip is to stop going on your phone at night, I know this might seem like a big ask but if you look at your phone in the dark it causes you to squint which leads to dark circles under your eyes, which is never a good look!

Ok, tip number 3, is to try and do more exercise. Now, this may seem really obvious, but you really should do it. I have recently started going jogging every Thursday and I have felt so much better than I did before. 

Eat more fish. Ok, this may seem a bit odd but fish is rich in vitamins and minerals, so is really good for a healthy lifestyle. I have fish at least twice a week.  Just trust me on this one, it is good for you :)

Drink a small glass of fruit juice in the morning, this can help to reduce tiredness and I always feel more awake after I have had my glass of fruit juice!

Ok, I think that is all, if you have any more tips please leave them in the comments section below and I will be sure to see them and respond :)


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