Wednesday, 3 February 2016

11. January Favourites

My first favourite this month is a black rose and cassis candle from Superdrug. I got this in December for friend to give it to her for christmas but this candle smelt so gorgeous that I actually kept it (I know very cheeky!) and gave her a jelly belly reed diffuser instead, which also smelt really lovely.
My next favourite is the Clarins hydra-matte lotion moisturiser. I have had this for quite a while now but I find I always use moisturisers more in the winter months. This moisturiser is really really moisturizing but it is meant for combination skin and I have normal skin so I am probably using the wrong moisturiser - but it is still really good!

I have been loving my Clarins anti-pollution cleansing milk, this cleanser is really good for my skin and I just love everything about it. It smells really good, feels really nice and creamy and is great for my skin!

I have also been loving the Ted Baker eau de toilette this month, I got this a while ago but I have using it a lot in January. It smells really lovely and the pink perfume looks very cute in the triangular bottle! It also lasts throughout the day and I only have to reapply it once for it to last the whole day!
My next January favourite is the Lush Santa's lip scrub. I got this for Christmas and is is really good for my lips. It also smells like coca cola, which I love! I now keep it in my bedside table and I use it every night before I go to bed! The only down side is the red hearts in the scrub, these look really cute in the tub but are really annoying to get off my lips and just kind of get stuck! But other than this I love this lip scrub!

Kiko Deko Delights lipstick, I don't know what shade this lipstick is but it is a really pretty pink shade. I purchased this lipstick at the start of this month and I have been using it loads and I always apply a quick coat before I head off to school. The lipstick is really pigmented and the packaging looks really nice as well. This lipstick is really creamy and is not too dry on my lips which is great! I apply this lipstick in the morning and I can still see the colour on my lips at the end of the day, it is great!

Thanks for reading through my January favourites, if there are any things that you have been loving this month - beauty related or not - please leave a comment below and I will be sure to read it! I hope you have had  great January and go on to have an amazing 2016!


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