Thursday, 4 June 2015

7. My collection

So, this week I thought I would tell you about my collection of bath things that I have at the moment!

1. Lush So White Bath Bomb
Ok, I know this is a Christmas bath bomb but I bought so many of these because I love them so much that I still have one bath bomb left. I can't wait to use it as it makes my bath look so cool. It looks very simple on the outside but explodes into colour when you drop it into the bath!

2. Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
So, this is another one from Lush's Christmas collection. I only bought one of these but I haven't used it yet because it smells so sweet. Don't get me wrong it smells delicious but I am not sure whether using it will make it smell even stronger which could make it a bit sickly.

3. Lush Pop in the Bath
Another Lush product, so surprising! This smells very nice and quite spring-y. The flower on top is such a cute detail and I can't wait to use this!

4. Lush Creamy Candy Bar Bath Melt
This smells absolutely amazing. It feels very creamy and just lovely. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and gorgeous. It is such a great Bath Melt! It is meant to have a pretty little flower on the top but I think mine fell off :(

5. Lush Ickle Baby Bot
This is so cute and smells very soothing, as I think it is chamomile scented. I have been waiting to try this for ages and I finally picked it up last week. But it is meant to be really good.

6. Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar
This smells so good and is such a good price as you can use it up to 8 times! I would definitely recommend this as it is just great.


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