Tuesday, 12 July 2016

14. Summer Essentials

Sorry this is a couple of days late, I've had a dance display all week which meant that I didn't have enough time to post.Displaying WP_20160627_016.jpg But don't worry because there will be another post on Thursday, so that's two posts this week - you lucky things!

Displaying WP_20160627_016.jpg
Displaying WP_20160627_016.jpg
Floral Cigarette Trousers
Floral. Cigarette. Trousers. Need I say more? These are from Dorothy Perkins and I am in love with them! They are super comfy and gorgeous to wear. I think any type of floral trousers are just perfect for summer - they're really pretty and just generally very summery!

Patterned Top
This is my go-to summer top to just throw on. It is only from Primark but it is so comfy and I just love it. In summer, you need a light top that you can just throw on and this top is just perfect.

Lip Balm
Everyone needs lip balm in summer-time and this E.O.S. lip balm in summer fruits is smells so good and is really moisturising, which is great for summer. It's really important when buying lip balm (or any other lip product) to check that it contains some kind of SPF, as this is so important in summer.

Sunglasses are a summer staple and are something that I cannot live without! These are from Vera Wang and I am in love with the shape and just everything about them.

Sports Top
This top is just from Primark. I think sports tops are just great for summer when you want to be more active - summer can actually makes fitness enjoyable!

Sea Salt Spray
I love sea salt spray it is great for making beach-worthy waves without having to be anyway near the beach, it smells divine and it actually adds a bit of texture to my otherwise annoying hair! This one is from VO5 and I love it - it is so nice to spray into my hair!
So these are all of my summer essentials, let me know some of yours in the comments below.
See you next week,

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