Thursday, 4 August 2016

16. Short Hair, Don't Care

So... I cut my hair.

Well, ok I didn't do it but it's been cut and I am in love!

So, my hair has always been as long as I could have it, I've loved long hair so have always refused to  let any hairdresser cut more than an inch off my hair. But I decided forget it I'm cutting my hair. And honestly I'm so glad I did!
So, this is my hair now it is just about shoulder-length and I've had it coloured in a balayage style - and the result is wonderful!

Getting my hair to do anything has always been a pain - it has refused to be curled or styled or volumised. It's just been straight, limp and flat. But not any more my hair is now voluminous and it has managed to hold a curl - something my old hair would never do!

I keep putting argon oil on my hair each morning to maintain it's shine and make sure it stays healthy after being coloured. And I am really pleased the way my haircut has turned out - I wasn't too sure at first but I've fallen in love with my hair like this and I would really recommend changing your hairstyle to anyone who is considering it!


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  1. It looks amazing and it really suits you! I've wanted to cut my hair for years but I didn't like it in previous times so I'm quite scared x